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Cortinas de vidrio y toldos en Alicante

Tech Glass Glass Curtains are the best solution in glass glazing. Since 2009 we are manufacturers and wholesalers of JOKKE glass curtains, in Spain offering different types of glass enclosure solutions without vertical aluminum profiles. All the components of our curtains are manufactured in Finland.

Glass curtains are a good and economic solution to improve the comfort of your home or business premises being ideal for balconies, terraces or interior, shops and offices.

We offer a comprehensive service, from the completion of the project to the execution of the same, turnkey, thanks to a large professional team responsible for the manufacture and assembly in all areas that you require.

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Clean & Beautiful

Las cortinas de cristal de Tech Glass poseen un diseño limpio lo que qu proporciona simplicidad y funcionalidad, por lo que al utilizarlo en un sitio éste automáticamente apunta a una experiencia única y bella.


Carefully designed

The commitment to creativity is an attitude that permeates all the processes of design of the glass curtains Tech Glass and whose fruit is a constant innovation in all our products.

Made with love

All components are designed and manufactured in Finland. You are acquiring a first quality product having passed the strictest quality controls. You will be able to verify that the pertinent tests of wind resistance, watertightness and values have been carried out.

Folding Glass Curtains

Las folding glass curtains are fully collapsible and folding. The sheets of the glass curtain can be opened to either side, in and out, making it easy and safe to clean. It is a high quality system that creates a pleasant well-being, at the same time that it increases the value of your real estate

Architecture is the art of spending space

Crystal curtains with different configurations

The Glass Curtains of TechGlass are the most complete system that exists to have the majority of options and variants required by the main producers and installers of enclosures without profiles. The Techglass system will allow you to satisfy any of your needs, having accessories designed and patented to cover all your needs.

El sistema  Tech  Glass le permitirá deslizar las hojas por cualquier disposición  geométrica, accionamientos interiores o exteriores, tramos fijos con posiblidad de limpieaza, etc.

Tech Glass adapts to you


The sliding glass curtain is an innovation of curtains without vertical frames. It has a tempered glass of 10 or 12mm and the leaves of the slide have no profiling since it simply has bearings installed in the glass.

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We differentiate ourselves from the competition because we take care of the small details. Our proven professionalism is directly aimed at satisfying our customers. That’s why we are unique.

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