Sliding Glass Curtain

Simply comfortable

The sliding glass curtain, made in Finland, is an innovation of curtains without vertical frames. It has a tempered glass of 10 or 12mm, with measures without limit, being thus more adaptable to the space. The leaves of the slide have no profiling since it simply has bearings installed in the glass.

The sliding glass curtain is perfect for separations in offices and inside private homes, it is also ideal for use on balconies and terraces. They also have all the advantages of sliding doors but with the style and beauty of glass.

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New From Finland

JOKKE glass sliding curtain is the new generation of aluminum frameless sliding doors made in finland, with the highest quality.

Safety and resistance tests guarantee the highest quality. A system used in the northern climate now available in Spain.

According to studies carried out in Europe, the sliding curtain is one of a kind

The Best Materials

Adaptaed to your needs

One of the main advantages of the slide is that they do not have profiling, simply bearings installed in the glass, which allows not to occupy space when it is open.

In this type of curtains can be installed different locks, closures, knobs and handles, according to the requirements of the place where it is installed and the preferences of the customers.

We also have the prefabricated product with all its original hardware and profiles ready for installation so that they can be acquired by professionals in the sector.

We differentiate ourselves from the competition because we take care of the small details. Our proven professionalism is directly aimed at satisfying our customers. That’s why we are unique..
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