Folding Glass Curtains

Quality Feeling

The folding glass curtains  fully collapsible and folding. The sheets of the glass curtain can be opened to either side, giving the opportunity to make the most of the space. The jokke glass curtain is the only brand on the market in Spain that has all the weight on the top, that guarantees the sliding movement throughout its life. The way to open the leaves is what makes cleaning very easy and safe. It is a high quality system that creates a pleasant well-being, at the same time that it increases the value of your real estate.

Jokke glass curtains are manufactured in our plant located in Toorevieja with the highest quality and patented in Europe has been approved by the European Technical Organization (ETA – European Technical Approval).

The systems of folding glass curtains of Tech Glass find application in the most diverse fields, from winter gardens, balconies, terraces and commercial galleries. The folding systems are easy to install and high technical quality, which generate new usable spaces while protecting, when closed, the inclement weather.

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Aesthetics and Functionality

Glass curtains provide protection all year round, protecting from wind and rain. Another advantage is that they are capable of cushioning between 10 and 15 degrees outside temperature at any time of the year. The glazing is fully collapsible and foldable.

The systems of folding Glass Curtains of Tech Glass are ideal for hotels, restaurants, cafeterias, banquet halls, commercial divisions, shops and offices.

The best Materials


In addition to the internal ventilation closure, our glass curtains can be increased with closures and locks according to the needs of use. There is a wide variety of different options of closures and locks, which give us the option of opening on both sides (interior or exterior).


The glass curtain is designed to withstand the windy and rainy weather of the north. The pour waters are developed to the last detail.

In the graph we show the flow of the drain with the green color.


One of the advantages of the Jokke curtain is its strong structure and long life.

The profiling is 3 mm thick and six components per sheet, which makes it very resistant. The system guarantees the best performance thanks to the characteristic of the bearings hanging in the upper glass profile. All the weight is distributed in the upper profile, which makes the lateral movement of the leaves more comfortable and smooth. For safety, it has guides and bearings in the upper and lower part of each leaf.

Without aluminum profiles!

Prefabricated For Professionals

Tech Glass offers prefabricated curtains for all professionals in the sector. The curtain is delivered ready for assembly with all the original fittings and profiles.

You can count on a professional trainer for the development of the assembly and support from the beginning to the end of the project.

The glass curtain, Jokke, has already been chosen by several installers for its installation and comfort. The glass curtains are number one in glazing in Spain.

We differentiate ourselves from the competition because we take care of the small details. Our proven professionalism is directly aimed at satisfying our customers. That’s why we are unique.

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