artificial grass

We care  The detail

We offer customers high quality artificial turf to place around the pool. It is an easy maintenance product, very durable over time.

The installation of artificial turf offers many different possibilities. The most widespread mode of use is the garden, but it is also used in attics, terraces, swimming pools, paddle courts and in areas for children or dogs.

The artificial turf we sell has a 10-year warranty


How to make the best artificial grass? with the Feelgood solution. The Hydra turf incorporates the Feelgood solution, which makes this artificial turf warm less, than other turfs on hot days. The result is a lawn on which to walk more comfortably even on sunny days. The benefit is a fresher turf. Hydra helps to create a more pleasant environment due to the lower accumulation of heat on the surface.

Hydra is designed with fibers with central rib and with a ripple with diamond structure which makes it always remain vertical, recovering perfectly to the tread. Hydra offers an incredible softness to the touch. Soft freshness, attractive design.

May the sun not be a problem!


Orion Plus is a high-end lawn at an affordable price. And it is thanks to the latest manufacturing technology that we can offer you high performance and price.

Orion plus is designed with a central rib structure and a high-textured polyethylene ripple. This helps you to have a more vertical presence and therefore good recovery to the tread. With its 35 mm of height and its more than 14,000 stitches. Orion plus is pure engineering that convinces not only for its price.

Top technology, affordable price!


Melange Arena has been a reference product in the European turf market. And now comes Melange Arena II, or what is the same evolution in search of perfection. In its visual design, shades of green inspired by the chromatic nuances of nature. Its central nerve developed with the best available technology. Its curly Polyamide that gives it resistance and volume. The result an insurmountable appearance and the best recovery to be always vertical and as new.

Melange Arena II is made with Polyamide: the best existing raw material for the manufacture of artificial turf. It incorporates the Instant recovery technology that improves the verticality of the lawn in any circumstance and allows the best recovery at the foot of the market. There is no other product like this when we want a lawn that provides a pleasant experience in contact with our skin. There is no other equal to bring beauty to our house and is that Melange Arena II is the best improved grass.

The evolution of perfection!

We differentiate ourselves from the competition because we take care of the small details. Our proven professionalism is directly aimed at satisfying our customers. That’s why we are unique..
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