Protection And Design

TechGlass offers you a wide variety of awnings that respond to all the sun protection needs of the market, also taking care especially the aesthetics, from the most traditional and traditional to the most current and modern trends.

We have all the additional products, such as motorization, wind sensor, chests and canvas protection.

The metallic and lacquered finishes along with canvases in a multitude of colors and patterns, give that final touch to our awnings, which make the facade or terrace, become unique spaces.

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windproof awnings

The windproof canopy is a curtain type or vertical awning that runs through its own guides, ideal for installation in terraces of establishments such as bars or restaurants: it allows to create closed spaces protected from the sun, wind or cold, allowing you to enjoy the space of the terrace during all months of the year.

At TechGlass we offer windbreak awnings with a box or without a box.


The side awning provides greater privacy with an adjoining terrace and / or curb the wind thanks to its horizontal deployment. In addition, the side awnings, are one of the most efficient and aesthetic ways to protect and cover glass facades, are widely used today as there are many facades of this type and provide us with great energy savings, in addition to giving a touch elegant to the building.

Our side awnings cover different width and height measurements according to your needs.

cassette awnings

The canopies Awnings are awnings of extendible arms that wrap around the axis, but they differ from the simple awnings in which the canvas is collected, it is stored inside a chest, which makes these awnings are more durable, since the Canvas is protected from the inclemencies of time, dust and dirt.

In TechGlass we offer different models of chest awnings that allow us to cover different dimensions. We also offer the possibility of motorizing the arms to make the functions of extension and collection of the awning more comfortable.


The extensible awning has a mechanism that facilitates its extension, very useful in cases where large lengths have to be covered. Its regulation system allows to achieve inclinations of up to 90º This is a very versatile model since it can be installed in front, side or ceiling. convirtiendolos converting them into vertical or lateral awnings. Its system is simple and comfortable, since at the same time as the awning is picked up, the extensible arms are folded and the fabric is rolled up, which protects it against the inclemency of the weather and does not occupy additional space in case of needing it. .

Within the extensible version we also find the version with crossed arms, which allow the awnings to have more outputs than the lines.

Optionally we offer the possibility of motorizing the arms to make the functions of extension and collection of the awning more comfortable.


The awnings of straight point or awnings cover is the most traditional system used in the installation of awnings, it is a very simple system of frontal folding by straight arms. It is the most economical system due to the simplicity of its structure, but it is still one of the most versatile awning models, allowing to cover any surface and protect from the sun’s rays both windows and terraces or shop windows.

In TechGlass, in addition to the standard Recto awning model you will also find the option of a Rectable point awning with a coffer, which will give greater protection and durability to the canvas and with tension arm, where the canvas is more taut and offers greater resistance to the wind.


The monobloc awnings are awnings of extensible arms mounted on a square bar that provides robustness to the opening system. For its qualities are awnings very suitable to cover large facades. Aesthetically its structure is visually light given the small dimensions of the mechanism.

Its fastening system allows easy installation, since the awning can be completely assembled from the factory. Another advantage of its system is that it allows to put more fixing points to the wall to strengthen the installation, and even allows the installation of arms and auxiliary fixing brackets.

Optionally, we offer the possibility of motorizing the mechanism.


The Awning Curtain is a vertical awning system ideal for closing terraces, porches or windows. It allows a better use of space creating environments, cozy, intimate and comfortable.

This awning does not have lateral guides, but insulators in the lower profile that are anchored in the ground, allowing the tension of the canvas.


The Awning Stor is next to the awning of straight point one of the most traditional awning systems. The Stor Awning has short folded arms (stor) to the canvas advance tube: when the awning is extended these arms are anchored to a support that are fixed to the railing of the terrace or balcony.

Thanks to this system we can enjoy two fixing positions: we can anchor the awning to the railing completely vertically (acting as a windbreaker) or with a margin of about 40-50 cm if we extend the stor arms to the outside. This type of awning is ideal for installation on terraces and balconies as it minimizes the effects of sun and wind, and creates an intimate space in the home.


In this type of awning, the system is based on two guides. The awning is cooked on the upper part by a jaretón where pods pass. The aluminum bars, known as “palilleras”, are attached to these sheaths. In turn, said clappers, attached to the awning, are the ones that hold the pulleys through which the guides run. The set is finished with a set of pulleys for the awning to slide very smoothly, or a motorization kit, which will make it possible to move the entire awning with just one finger.


The Awning Sail is a modern awning of great quality that has different types of installation It can be installed permanently or temporarily, for vacations for example. They are applicable in terraces pools, balconies or to provide a design point to an event, in order to capture attention. The awning weathervane creates a comfortable environment under which, in addition, it is protected against UV rays.

We differentiate ourselves from the competition because we take care of the small details. Our proven professionalism is directly aimed at satisfying our customers. That’s why we are unique..
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